Update 4/3/2020 1:52 AM CST:

Covid 19 has shut down the spring and early summer of 2020. In accordance with projections and precautions, we have rescheduled our Year 1 event to September 4-7  (Early In/Late Pull Out  September 3-8) Labor Day weekend. 

Year 1 has been extended by 1 additional day and night! If you have already purchased your  General Admission ticket, THANK YOU,  It and any additional Add Ons you have purchased for the May 29-31 event will be honored at Plan B 

with no additional charges for the added day/night. Judgement Day Passes will remain 1 day pass only.

A major website overhaul is coming soon, as well as updates to the Eventbrite ticketing system, currently General Admission tickets are still the same price for the originally planned 3 day weekend; this may change, we have added an additional day and night to the festival. Just like you, we are staying up to date on the current information. Keep social distancing, stay safe, flatten the curve,  work on your gear and get ready to party,  After The End. . . 


                       . . . The Party Begins 

Welcome to those what survived, find refuge east of the old capitol city in a state left behind in the wastes know to the before’s as Texas. Come fellow travelers, wanderers, scavengers, pirates, the broken, the survivors, ones who lost it all and the ones what got’s all they needs. Since the dawn of the old world the end of days has been predicted in thousands of different ways, this is a celebration of all of those ideas. Immersive festival with Camping, Music, Games, Shows and much more. Located at the Texas Music Ranch, 5220 FM973 Austin Texas.  

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