Welcome to the Apocalypse . .

 to those what survived, find refuge east of the old capitol city in a state left behind in the wastes know to the before’s as Texas. Come fellow travelers, wanderers, scavengers, pirates, the broken, the survivors, ones who lost it all and the ones what got’s all they needs. After the end, the party begins.. 

 Last updated: 2/11/2020 10:30 am - Updates will continue... 

it's the end of the world TEXAS STYLE . .

Since the dawn of the old world the end of days has been predicted in thousands of different ways, this is a celebration of all of those ideas. Apocalypse Texas is uniquely immersive.

The theme is of course Post-Apocalyptic and only you can decide your look. While there are musical acts to entertain us, this is not a music fest. This is a 3 day 2 night party at the end of the world located at the Texas Music Ranch 5220 FM973 Austin Texas. 

We are an independent festival. 

Our team members are supporters and patrons of, but not affiliated with:

Sherwood Forest Faire - Texas Renaissance Festival - Wasteland Weekend 

Hundreds of Bands from Austin Texas